Difficulty in putting on compression stockings

Thu, 25 Nov 2021

Do you ever find yoursel struggling to put on your compression stockings? What most of us forget, is that compression stockings are firmer to put on than normal socks or stockings. As a result, if we use the same methods to put them on (rolling or scrunching them), they become almost impossible to pull on. 


The simplest way is to deal with them the our grandmothers used to deal with putting on their nylons. Turn the stocking inside out to the heel, so we are only working with 2 laers of material. If one layer of material is already firmer than ordianry stockings, whn we roll or scrunch them up, we are working with that firmness multiplied by however many layers we are then dealing with. So, KISS, Keep It Simple with Stockings. The fewer layers we have to deal with, the easier it correspondingly becomes to put the stocking on. If it still is an issue, check out the video on the website - https://www.wmts.com.au/news/how-to-get-into-your-compression-socks/ or contact us for any advice or tips we can offer.


Or try using a Stocking Donner or Butler as demonstrated in the video - "www.wmts.com.au/shop/p-Compression-Stockings-Compression-Socks-for-Men-in-Perth.html"

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