Graduated Compression Surgical Stockings

Fri, 7 Dec 2018

Are available from us in 6 different compressions which are determined by your medical condition and in 28 sizes in below knee, thigh length , single leg, panty hose, colours for males & females etc From the “white hospital” anti-embolic stocking which is only effective for bed or inactive patients , to a “light flight” compression ( Class 1) for tired , aching legs without much swelling, to a medium compression (= Class 2) for oedema , varicose veins, swelling, surgery, diabeties etc then to higher compressions for Leg Ulcers, Lymph-oedema etc. ( Class 3 ) up to Class 4 for severe problems.

We offer a measuring, fitting & advice service by referral & appointment please. We are an Ancillary provider so your invoice will have my provider & item numbers so you may claim on your health fund if appropriate.

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