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Other Compression
Other compression garments
BodyAssist Braces
Bodyassist Health and Wellness Company understand that consumers demand innovative and therapeutic products to assist them to stay healthy, well and active. Our brands such as Bodyassist™, Dick Wicks™, The Pick™, Activease™ and others have set industry standards in providing quality Medical and Physical Healthcare Products for over 30 years. The company grew from meagre beginnings in 1985, to become the widely accepted market leader of retail Sports medical health and wellness products in Australia. Known as NEW HORIZONS until 2019, the company continues to expand it's portfolio by designing new and innovative products that provide firm support, unsurpassed comfort and a perfect fit. We thank our team of dedicated individuals for their hard effort, determination and caring attitude for making this company a success.
Medical Accessories Braces & Supports
Medical Accessories Supports & Braces