Playmaker XPert Wrap

Donjoy Playmaker Xpert offers protection and support for mild knee sprains , mild to moderate medial/lateral ligament lesions , and chronic instability to assist to return to normal activities.
Braces: Body Assist Braces
$ 275.00

Select options here:

Size Thigh
X - Small 33-39cm 13˝-15 ½Ë
Small 39-47cm 15 ½Ë-18 ½Ë
Medium 47-53cm 18 ½Ë-21˝
Large 53-60cm 21˝-23 ½Ë
X - Large 60-67cm 23 ½Ë-26 ½Ë
XX - Large 67-75cm 26 ½Ë-29 ½Ë
XXX - Large 75-81cm 29 ½Ë-32½Ë


  • Thigh measurement is taken 15cm above mid-patella
  • Calf measurement is taken 15cm below mid-patella
  • Knee centre measurement is taken at mid-patella
  • If there is difference of one size between the three measurements, select the size that matches two out of the three measurements.