Handycrepe Heavy Bandages

Handy Crepe

Cotton crepe bandage includes fastening clip
Handy Crepe medium is a white light support crepe bandage
Handy Crepe Heavy is a tan coloured strong support crepe bandage
Handy Bandages: 15cm, 10cm, 7.5cm, 5cm

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$ 6.75

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Handycrepe Heavy bandage is a strong support crepe for secure medium- to long-term bandaging. It provides firm directional support to joint injuries involving ligaments.

Handycrepe Heavy bandage offers the convenience of a centre guide for easy application. It is extremely durable and features non-fraying edges.

Available in the following sizes.- 5cm x 2.3m, 7.5cm x 2.3m, 10cm x 2.3m & 15cm x 2.3m